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More demonstrations have been documented Here.

If you wish to correspond with Tungwei about his workshop, private sessions or his healer training programs, please submit Reservation to the following link at  application form(線上預約)
or through email tung.wei4love@gmail.com

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About Tungwei (佟位)

A gifted intuitive empath with deep psychological
understanding and spiritual healing abilities.

A channel, lecturer, counselor, and trainer,
Tungwei specializes in human Body's Ability to Self-Heal
development,and to Connect to Higher Guidance.
He travels widely, working throughout Taiwan, Japan,China,
and HongKong. as an advisor to business executives,
Academic Medical Center Doctors, psychologists, other
consultants and trainers, and those on a spiritual path.
He has counseled lots of people about life direction.

He has been invited of Hospital , working with their energy
healing research program to share self-healing consultants.
He has also invited of the Hsin-chu Science-based Industrial
Park,school,and non-profit organization.

He has taught lots of groups learn to activate self healing
power and will use it to heal themselves and others.